Four Vignettesanda Coda

«Необязательно видеть весь путь.
Просто поверьте и сделайте первый шаг». Мартин Лютер Кинг

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One good way to understand the nature of a society is through the daily lives of its inhabitants. In the pages that follow I offer brief descriptions of the lives of a group of Singapore’s citizens, differentiated by ethnicity, class, and occupation. In this way, I aim to offer an informal cross section of this small but complex society. In particular, these stories feature the sometimes problematic and negotiated nature of the daily interactions between members of different cultural communities sharing the same political and physical space. The vignettes are based on the lives of real people whom I met in the course of twelve years of residence and fieldwork in Singapore, but with names changed to conceal their actual identities. 



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