Final Reflections

«Необязательно видеть весь путь.
Просто поверьте и сделайте первый шаг». Мартин Лютер Кинг

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Ambena Landang group’s new genre carvings were not simply decorations, but also articulated messages about ethical behavior in challenging times. Just as the tale of Toraja defense of their Chinese “siblings” recounted at the beginning of this chapter celebrated an instance where local-level cultural differences were bridged and violence averted, so did these new carvings offer embedded lessons about how to live with dignity in an increasingly conflict-laden world. Of course, there is another dimension to Ambena Landang’s endeavors. As some observers might suggest, questions arise as to whether these Toraja carvers are simply trying to create interethnic bridges via their carvings or whether they are trying to “turn the tables” on their lowland rivals. That is, in furnishing lowland Muslims’ homes, Torajas would be making themselves ever-present in their rivals’ daily lives. Whichever perspective one embraces, Ambena Landang’s new genre carvings constituted an avenue for reimagining and reframing histories of past ethnic and religious tensions.   

In this chapter, I have tried to chronicle how Toraja people have drawn upon stories and carvings to envision and propel ethical approaches to coexis�tence, bridge-building, and in some cases “brotherhood” with other groups. It would be an exaggeration to suggest that these bond-forging moves have been entirely successful: in the years since 1998, some fights have broken out in the Toraja highlands, though at present these small-scale clashes have not erupted into riots. People in Tana Toraja remain anxious and fearful as they watch religious and ethnic conflict explode in nearby cities and regions. However, in the artistic strategies chronicled here, we can see some local people’s attempts to develop ways of speaking to, connecting with, and redefining potential enemies. In these modest efforts may lie lessons for us all



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