The Question of Collaborators. Introduction

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The villagers were only beginning to recover from the terror and devastation of the 1970s when the Khmer Rouge entered the highland village of O’Thmaa and its surrounding communities, having recently returned to their villages in late 1998. This homecoming has not been easy. In addition to having to physically rebuild their village, villagers also had to reestablish the village as a moral entity, a community based on sets of mostly kin ties, forming a reciprocal web of obligations among people.    

Much of the work on the aftermath of violence and the healing process that has followed has focused on the individual or collective “memory” of violence (Antze and Lambek 1996; Rittner and Roth 1993; Robben and Suárez-Orozco 2000). I focused on how aspects of the moral order that were broken or damaged were being repaired in efforts to heal from the past. How were the actions and roles of collaborators linked to their social and moral position within the community, and how did this positioning vary across communities?



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